Pet Story Submissions

Pet lovers, unite – it’s your turn to share your story!

We’re looking to hear all about your pet – how you met, their personality, what they look like, what they do for fun…

Are you a shelter employee or volunteer?  We’d be honored to spread the word about your adoptable animals.

Are you active in pet photography?  We know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and we appreciate the art that you create of pets waiting for their forever homes – and of those who have found just that.

Two Bright Lights Submissions Accepted

If you’d like to share any of your pet stories and/or photographs, we’d love to see them!  We’re accepting submissions via Two Bright Lights or through the form below.

Please note that you must own the copyright to any images and/or a license to use them (i.e., if you didn’t take the pictures, we’ll need to have your photographer’s permission to publish them on our site).

If you have questions, send us a message at

Looking forward to hearing from you!