Giving Back

We at Dot & Charlie love our pets (all animals, really!).  And, because we do, we want others to experience that, too – a life enriched by a pet.

To that end, we feature stories and photographs of adoptable pets and those who have found their forever homes, both in the Annapolis, Maryland area and globally.  By doing so, we aim to showcase the personalities of these adoptable animals and increase the opportunity that they will quickly be connected with their family.  For those pets already placed in loving homes, we strive to highlight the relationship between them and their people, thus inspiring others to seek the same.

We are available to work with animal shelters, rescue groups, and pet photographers, at no cost, to write and publish compelling stories that encourage pet adoption as well as increase awareness of the shelter/rescue organization.  All features will be available on the site and shared though the Dot & Charlie Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.  Please contact us at to get started!