Cats at Home ~ Phyllis Meredith Photography

Did you know that October 29th is National Cat Day? In honor of this, we’re celebrating friendly, fabulous felines on the blog all this week!

It’s here: National Cat Day (although, for all you cat lovers, that day is every day)! And, because home is where the heart is, we’re featuring some cute fuzzballs cozy at home in West Hartford, Connecticut. Get ready to meet Amber, Strawberry, Flame, and Bootsy!

Feline family of photographer Phyllis of Phyllis Meredith Photography, they turn their daily routine into living art. Phyllis notes, “All but one are rescue cats. Amber, Strawberry, and Flame are all orange boys, and Bootsy is a long-haired girl. Strawberry is always getting into things like fish bowls and vintage suitcases. Flame is a big boy who just wants to sleep, and Bootsy is a hider – but she is also a love. Amber liked to get dressed up…he loved hand-made hats and vests, and he literally walked around the neighborhood with them. Amber was just about the best cat ever. Everyone loved him.”

365 Project

Want to add a feline friend to your household? Then visit your local shelter or rescue group



Photography:Phyllis Meredith Photography || Venue:West Hartford, Connecticut



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