Cats on Film ~ Analog Wedding

Did you know that October 29th is National Cat Day? In honor of this, we’re celebrating friendly, fabulous felines on the blog all this week!

Today, join us as we kick things off with a variety of cats in their natural environment, doing what they do best: sunning themselves, napping, cuddling, and flashing stealthy stares. These pet portraits by Analog Wedding were captured on 35mm and medium-format film, resulting in beautifully rich and timeless photographs.  Enjoy the art of cat!

Cats on Film ~ Analog Wedding_0002

Cats on Film ~ Analog Wedding_0005Cats on Film ~ Analog Wedding_0006Cats on Film ~ Analog Wedding_0008Cats on Film ~ Analog Wedding_0007Cats on Film ~ Analog Wedding_0009Cats on Film ~ Analog Wedding_0001Cats on Film ~ Analog Wedding_0004Cats on Film ~ Analog Wedding_0011Cats on Film ~ Analog Wedding_0010Cats on Film ~ Analog Wedding_0003

Want to add a feline friend to your household? Then visit your local shelter or rescue group



Photography: Analog Wedding || Venue: Various Locations around Newburyport, Massachusetts



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