Zero the Wedding Hero ~ Julianne Brasher Photography

A wedding is one of those occasions in life that’s defined by not only all the details – the vows, the venue, the cake – but also by who was there. Parents, grandparents, siblings, best friends…it’s those special people surrounding and supporting the happy couple on their big day that makes it truly memorable. But what about those other important members of our families – our pets? More often, they’re included in the festivities in some way, too. Take, for example, dapper dog Zero, who shared in the wedding celebration of Ciera and Eric!

Bride Ciera shared how Zero came into her life and became a part of their wedding day: Zero came home to our family at just 6 weeks old. The lab collie mix was going to be taken to an animal shelter hours away from where we lived the moment he was able to leave his mother. Six years later, when we were getting married, we had no hesitation including Zero into the celebration. He was dubbed Ring Bear. He even got out on the dance floor. The evening would not have been complete without Zero!

What a fantastic way to include a special pet in a momentous event – lookin’ great, Zero!



Photography: Julianne Brasher Photography || Venue: I Bar Ranch, Gunnison, Colorado || Event Styling and Bow Tie Maker: Lucky Penny Event Planning



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