It’s Caturday…Do You Know Where Your Kittens Are?

Ah, Caturday…the purrfect day for a snooze! If your house is anything like mine, there are multitudes of cozy hiding spots where your feline friends can curl up and nap the day away (and pretend that they don’t see you when you try to interact with them). But, why are they choosing those odd spots – like the kitchen cabinet that’s all the way up near the ceiling?!

Hiding Kitties

According to the Humane Society of the United States, cats gravitate to spots that are snug and enclosed – giving them a protected space in which they can feel secure.  These can be the aforementioned cabinet, closet, under the bed, top of a cat tree, laundry basket, etc. Cats might seek such nooks when they want a little “me” relaxation time, or if they’re feeling stressed/afraid.

Cats in a multi-pet household especially can benefit from a selection of sweet hiding spots – take it from me! I’ve seen what happens when cats who aren’t exactly BFFs are in close proximity and have no readily available hideaway.  I’ve also seen how some makeshift spots are quickly utilized when the family dog bounds into the room! With these lessons learned, we now have a variety of cat-friendly nooks available throughout our house.

Eye on You by Copper Cat Photo_0001Cats in Bag Dog in JailBoscoe Peek by Copper Cat Photo_0001Sneaky Junior_0001Diva Daisy by Copper Cat Photo_0001

What hiding spots do your cats have?



Photography: Copper Cat Pet Photography || Venue: Private Residence, Annapolis, Maryland



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