TKO (Total Kitten face-Off)


It’s time to meet the contenders. On the left, we have Junior: he’s all bark – err, meow – and bite, too (at least for kibble).  On the right, we have Ginger: she’s feisty and quick, yet appreciates a good nap. At least once a day, these two battle it out for interstellar domination (not really…it’s more like for bragging rights over a small corner of the house).

Today was no exception. The epic standoff started over a new under-chair cat hammock. After several attempts at coaxing the cats into it, with absolutely no success, I stepped back and just let it be. A few moments later, Ginger approached and cautiously settled into the hammock for a sunny catnap.


Alas, this bliss was not long-lasting. Not more than a few minutes after she settled in, Junior had a complete change of heart and wanted the hammock all to himself – like, yesterday. I, like any good nature observer (or sports fan), waited on the sidelines and captured a photo in the midst of the face-off. Check out that paw action and squinty face!


The ultimate result of this battle royale? Two annoyed cats and one empty hammock. Will they make their ways back to the scene for a rematch in the future? Only time will tell. What I’ve learned, though, is this: cat or not, once you find your place of peace, it’s worth fighting for!


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