Love, Your Puppy

Today, like so many other days, I dropped our pup Charlie off at his doggy daycare location, Cozy Canine Camp. As I was pulling away, I started thinking of what type of letter he’d write to us if he truly was away at a summer camp. Without further ado, may I present…

Charlie’s Camp Commentary

CharlieGrin by Copper Cat Photo_0002

Dear Fur-Free Family,

I’m writing to you from camp. I’m as amped-up now as I was this morning, when I was excited-whining all the way down the street and into the camp parking lot. I think you said goodbye as you walked me to meet the camp counselor…but I had caught a good scent by the bench and can’t really remember.

I’ve been playing all day with my good friends: Stretch, Curly, the Golden Twins, and Mini Me. Today, I challenged Stretch for total playground domination…but we both lost interest after a few minutes, when they started filling up the kiddie pools. I forgot to use my sunscreen, so my nose is a little pink (sorry)…and I annoyed some other campers with my caboose sniffing (I know you told me not to do that, but how else will I know how they’re feeling?!).

Well, I should get back before Curly takes my ball again. I can’t wait to see you soon, and I’ll show you how I like to walk myself on a leash. I’m pretty sure I’ll need a heavy-duty nap when I get home, though, so don’t expect too much of a recap.

Love, Your Puppy Charlie



Photography: Copper Cat Pet Photography || Venue: Private Residence, Annapolis, Maryland



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