Wrapping Up a Naptown August

It’s nearing twilight here in Naptown (and I’m referring to Annapolis, Maryland…not Indianapolis, Indiana!).  As September sweeps in tomorrow, I’m a little sad to see the summer coming to a close (unofficially).  Yes, it’ll still be warm (and humid) for a while longer…and the birds and bugs will continue to be out and about…but September always has conjured thoughts of falling leaves, back to school, and chillier temperatures with more time spent indoors. Not bad things at all – but I’ve always been a summer girl.

Wait – what does this have to do with pets, you ask? Isn’t this a pet blog? Indeed, it is! My fellow housemates (husband included) are much more in favor of the seasonal transition than I. The fur coats on my cats and dog make the sultry summer days and nights much less enjoyable. In fact, most of their time is spent indoors in a cool, air-conditioned environment…and even that can only help so much. As I type, I have a cat and dog passed out near my feet. Another cat is tap dancing across the kitchen floor, seeking some coolness on his toe pads. The others…I’m not sure where they are in the house now, but my guess is near a vent. Soon, they’ll become more active Annapolitans as the season changes – but, for now, they are the proverbial bumps on a log.

And, in honor of that, here are some lovely photos of my pet family at their summer best – enjoy!

Scared Boscoe by Copper Cat Photo_0001Junior Posing by Copper Cat Photo_0001CharlieandFriend by Copper Cat Photo_0002Diva Daisy by Copper Cat Photo_0001Perfect Summer Afternoon by Copper Cat Photo_0005



Photography: Copper Cat Pet Photography || Venue: Private Residence, Annapolis, Maryland



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